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We Build B2B Outbound Sales Motions For Founders Relying On Inbound Leads & Referrals.

Message-Market-Fit Pilot

Test your messaging in your target market using validated data & proven systems before hiring a lead gen agency or building a sales team.

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Done-For-You Lead Gen 

Have messaging that you know resonates with your market? We'll engineer an email system, create targeted lists, validate the data and write copy to book you meetings.

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Build Outbound Sales Teams

Ready to take your outbound efforts in-house? We use our proven outbound methodologies to build you a custom playbook for your first sales hire(s).

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Strategic Sales Consulting

We offer retainer consulting services to train outbound sales teams on our methodologies, build out tech stacks, and other strategic projects on a case by case basis.

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Why The Deal Lab?

Outbound Sales Is What We Do.

Having built dozens of sales teams from the ground up, we are intimately familiar with the steps it takes to go from founder-led sales to seeing a consistent flow of deals close from outbound channels.