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We Provide Clients 10x The Volume Of Outreach At 10x The Quality

At The Deal Lab, we're all about rolling up our sleeves and getting the job done. We've swapped the consultant hat for the operator's headset, delivering not just strategies but real, hands-on results. Our approach is quick to implement and designed to stick, making your sales operation not just a one-off success but a consistent, growth-fueling machine.

We're the team that takes your unique offer, wraps it in a proven process, and launches it into the market with precision and speed. Choosing The Deal Lab means partnering with a crew that's on the ground, in the loop, and fully committed to not just meeting but exceeding your sales expectations. We're here to make your outbound journey less about guesswork and more about success, every step of the way.

Cold Email Executed With Surgical Precision

When it comes to your business success, flawless execution is not just a goal; it's a must. That's why every campaign we craft and every message we send is executed with surgical precision, ensuring your message doesn't just land in inboxes, but resonates and compels action for the right prospect. We're not just sending emails; we're delivering results, one meticulously crafted message at a time.

Target Customer Analysis and Segmentation

Dissect your market, pinpointing segments ripe for your offer, turning broad data into your strategic goldmine.

Domain Setup and Warm-Up

Launch your campaign on solid ground with a domain that's ready to work hard, ensuring every email you send builds trust and maximizes reach.

List Building

Sharpen your focus, targeting your ideal audience to boost engagement rates and turn cold emails into meaningful conversations.

Email Copywriting

Craft compelling narratives that resonate, sparking curiosity and driving meaningful action, turning readers into eager prospects.

DFY Outreach

Handle your outreach effortlessly, sending targeted, impactful campaigns that engage and convert, while you focus on sealing the deals that follow.

Reply Monitoring

Monitor responses with a keen eye, capturing opportunities at their peak and ensuring every potential lead is nurtured and followed up with.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

"I had the privilege of working closely with Kellen from The Deal Lab on several outbound projects, and I can confidently say that he is a true expert in the realm of modern-day outbound sales. His expertise in systems creation is evident here, as he has developed a modern tech stack that does the heavy lifting for sales teams."


- Patrick W. Joyce, Head of Sales @ Immersa

“I’ve worked on several projects with Kellen from The Deal Lab over the last year. He segmented our market, defined buyer personas, crafted messaging, put together email infrastructure to send the campaigns, and a process for collecting data on the messaging. Over time he tried multiple combinations of messaging across different personas, matched the right audiences to the right messages, and booked us meetings. Bottom line, this guy will do what you are hiring him to do."

- Jesse Marseille, Head of Growth @ TrueBase

Our Process

With us, it's more than a process; it's a partnership. We're not just running campaigns; we're crafting a journey tailored to your success, every step of the way.

1. Kickstart with Clarity

The moment you're in, you'll dive into our client portal, a straightforward space where a couple of brief intake forms await. They're your first step towards a tailored outreach, designed to get to the core of your goals and needs.

2. Tech in Motion

Within 72 hours, we're on it. Your domains aren't just purchased; they're meticulously set up and nudged into a warming phase that primes them perfectly over three weeks. This isn't just setup; it's the groundwork for your outreach success.

3. Insight at Your Fingertips

Soon after, a video lands in your portal, breaking down our market analysis in a way that's clear and actionable. It's more than information; it's a roadmap. And as each campaign unfolds, you'll see targeting reports, lists, copy, and outcomes reports populate your portal, keeping you in the loop and on top of the game.

4. Collaboration and Precision

About 2.5 weeks in, you'll get a first look at the list and copy we've crafted. This is where your insight meets our expertise. Your feedback is not just welcome; it's integral, ensuring every word we send out resonates with your vision.

5. Fine-Tuning for Impact

There's a sweet spot for feedback, about a week where your thoughts help us refine and perfect. Then, we lock it in, setting the stage for a campaign that doesn't just launch but makes a mark.

6. Launch and Engage

As month two dawns, it's showtime. Campaigns roll out, not just with precision but with the support to manage replies, surface the leads that matter, and book calls that turn prospects into partnerships.

7. Adapt and Advance

Ten days in, while the campaign is still fresh, we're already looking ahead. Based on real results and tangible insights, we start prepping for the next month, ensuring that your outreach is not just a step but a stride ahead.

Outbound Sales Consulting Is What We Do.

Having built dozens of sales teams from the ground up, we are intimately familiar with the steps it takes to go from founder-led sales to seeing a consistent flow of deals close from outbound channels.