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We Provide Clients 10x The Volume Of Outreach At 10x The Quality

At The Deal Lab, we offer more than typical B2B sales consulting; we're seasoned operators who've transformed outbound sales from a costly gamble to a precise science. Our approach, honed from real-world experience, centers on sustainable, long-term success with a plug-and-play methodology. 

We focus on Message-Market-Fit: crafting tailored messages that resonate with your audience, ensuring each dollar spent is an investment in your growth. This is about smart strategy, not just big spending – a proven path to amplify your sales impact efficiently. Let's reshape how you approach outbound sales, together.

Tailored B2B Sales Consulting That Hits Different

In the thick of B2B sales, it's about smart moves, not just hard work. We've got a lineup of consulting services that hit right at the heart of what makes sales tick - practical, no-nonsense strategies tailored to your unique business challenges. Here's how we roll up our sleeves and get down to business.

Message Market Fit

Sharpening your message to resonate perfectly with your ideal buyer. Strategic, impactful copy that helps you move deals forward.

Sales Strategy

Crafting game-changing plans that align with your goals. Focused, practical tactics for driving growth and winning deals.

Tech Set Up

Streamlining your sales tech for peak efficiency. The right tools, configured for maximum impact and ease of use.

List Building

Creating targeted, high-quality prospect lists. The foundation of successful outreach, tailored to your market and goals.

Email Infrastructure

Expert DNS setup and domain warming for reliable deliverability. Ensuring your messages reach the inbox, not the spam folder.

Messaging Development

Crafting compelling outreach messages that engage and convert. Tailored, persuasive content that speaks directly to your audience.


We keep a sharp eye on your sales metrics, turning data into actionable insights. It’s about smart decisions, not guesswork.


No fluff, just results-driven advice to ramp up your sales skills. Practical, impactful coaching that turns your team into sales pros.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

"Working with Kellen has truly changed my life. His expertise, strategic thinking, and commitment to data quality set him apart in the world of SaaS sales. He inspires continuous self-improvement and tailors his approach for maximum impact. If you want to revolutionize your sales strategy and see tangible results, Kellen is your go-to expert."


- Dustin R., Head of GTM Operations @ Order Protection

“The team at The Deal Lab has been a force multiplier in accelerating our speed to market. Their ability to quickly establish and refine our targeting has not only generated valuable opportunities but has also become a key partner in our product-market feedback loop.”

- Christian, Founder @ Visceral.AI

Our Process

1. Initial Meeting

People come to use for all sorts of reasons, and our number 1 goal is that you walk away comfortable and excited to refer us to your friends. In a small slice of conversations that leads to services we sell, many others we refer out, in all i want you thinking damn those guys know thier stuff.

2. Scope Of Work

Together, we roll up our sleeves and map out the journey. Co-creating a scope of work with a clear timeline, it’s not just a proposal, it’s a partnership plan. We make sure every step aligns with your vision.

3. Kick Off & Milestones
It's go time. We kick off the project with crystal-clear milestones and executables. This is where strategy meets action – structured, transparent, and all about getting tangible results.

4. Regular Check Ins & Communication
We keep the lines open – meeting regularly and staying connected asynchronously. It’s about keeping you in the loop and us on our toes. Every step is a step forward, with you fully informed and involved.

Outbound Sales Consulting Is What We Do.

Having built dozens of sales teams from the ground up, we are intimately familiar with the steps it takes to go from founder-led sales to seeing a consistent flow of deals close from outbound channels.