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Immediately Actionable Sales Process Insights From Actual Operators

We're not just consultants; we're former operators driven by the mission to transform your outbound sales from a gamble into a precise, repeatable science. Our team brings a wealth of experience, offering not just a best-in-class tech stack, but the seasoned expertise to ensure its effective deployment. We pride ourselves on our 'plug-and-play' approach, where our refined processes and in-depth understanding of your offer rapidly translate into actionable strategies.

It's not about overwhelming you with options, instead we find your unique and scalable path to success. Built for repeatability, our methodology isn't just a one-time fix; it's an ongoing journey towards a successful sales process. With The Deal Lab, you're not just investing in a service; you're investing in a partnership where your growth is our obsession.

Let's Build The Sales Process You've Always Dreamt Of

Imagine a sales process that's not just an afterthought, but the heartbeat of your growth strategy. That's what we're here to build with you. From the moment you start with us, we dive deep into the essence of your business, crafting custom-tailored sales strategies and processes that don't just meet the industry standard—they set new benchmarks. With our partnership, the sales process you've always dreamt of isn't just a vision, it's your new reality.

Target Market Analysis and Segmentation

Dissect your market with precision, identifying segments ripe for engagement, ensuring every outreach resonates deeply and drives meaningful conversations.

Outbound Messaging

Sharpen your words to hit hard; we turn outbound messages into conversations that open doors and seal deals.

Technology and Automation Consulting

Streamline your sales machine; we integrate top-tier tech and smart automation, ensuring your team's focus stays on closing, not clerical work.

Hiring Support

Find your sales champions; we help you scout and secure the hustlers and closers who'll turn your vision into victories.

Sales Team Training

Empower your squad with killer skills; our training turns your team into a powerhouse, driving deals home with precision and flair.

1:1 Coaching

Boost your impact with focused coaching; our 1:1 sessions are about turning your unique challenges into clear-cut victories.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

"I had the privilege of working closely with Kellen from The Deal Lab on several outbound projects, and I can confidently say that he is a true expert in the realm of modern-day outbound sales. His expertise in systems creation is evident here, as he has developed a modern tech stack that does the heavy lifting for sales teams."


- Patrick W. Joyce, Head of Sales @ Immersa

“I’ve worked on several projects with Kellen from The Deal Lab over the last year. He segmented our market, defined buyer personas, crafted messaging, put together email infrastructure to send the campaigns, and a process for collecting data on the messaging. Over time he tried multiple combinations of messaging across different personas, matched the right audiences to the right messages, and booked us meetings. Bottom line, this guy will do what you are hiring him to do."

- Jesse Marseille, Head of Growth @ TrueBase

Our Process

1. Initial Meeting

People come to use for all sorts of reasons, and our number 1 goal is that you walk away comfortable and excited to refer us to your friends. In a small slice of conversations that leads to services we sell, many others we refer out, in all i want you thinking damn those guys know thier stuff.

2. Scope Of Work

Together, we roll up our sleeves and map out the journey. Co-creating a scope of work with a clear timeline, it’s not just a proposal, it’s a partnership plan. We make sure every step aligns with your vision.

3. Kick Off & Milestones

It's go time. We kick off the project with crystal-clear milestones and executables. This is where strategy meets action – structured, transparent, and all about getting tangible results.

4. Regular Check Ins & Communication

We keep the lines open – meeting regularly and staying connected asynchronously. It’s about keeping you in the loop and us on our toes. Every step is a step forward, with you fully informed and involved.

Outbound Sales Consulting Is What We Do.

Having built dozens of sales teams from the ground up, we are intimately familiar with the steps it takes to go from founder-led sales to seeing a consistent flow of deals close from outbound channels.